Careington Dental For Veterans   

For United States Military Veterans & Their Households.  Save Immediately 20% to 60%.

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Liberty Dental Services is a division of Liberty Insurance Brokerage, Inc., a National Marketing Agency for Careington International.

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Careington International Corporation is the brainchild of two dentists. In 1979, they founded a member network that helped both companies and individuals. They amassed a fraternity of dentists who agreed to charge considerably lower fees to their patient members . . . and it worked!

Because Careington was among the first to offer quality dental plans at a discount, they have had years to develop an extensive dental network, with over 98,000 participating dentists. In fact, their dental network is one of the strongest in the country.

With over 8 million members and growing fast, Careington has positioned itself as a dental industry leader. In fact, some of America's largest companies offer this same Careington dental plan to their employees as a workplace program.

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A discount dental plan, not dental insurance.