Careington Dental For Veterans   

For United States Military Veterans & Their Households.  Save Immediately 20% to 60%.

How The Dental Plan Works...

It is Simple and Easy to Use:

As a dental plan member...

(1)  your fees are discounted on nearly all dental procedures,

(2)  when you go to a participating Careington Plan Dentist.

veterans dental, easy to use  There are no forms to file.
veterans dental plan  There is no wait required for savings.
not dental insurance, unlimited use  You enjoy unlimited use of the plan.

See Your Savings -- less guesswork. See the actual discounted fees on over 100 dental procedures at a General Dentist.

Look-Up Dentists -- your key to value is a suitable selection of plan dentists in your area.  Before you join the plan, be sure to look-up.

Join Today --  begin "1st of next month," or begin "immediately" and your application is dated as of the 1st of this current month.

Join on-line or by phone and get a temporary e-mail ID within 30 minutes.

See How To Start Fast for a step-by-step guide to getting started quickly and easily.

Founded in 1979 and now over 8,000,000 members strong because it works!

A Dental Plan, Not Dental Insurance

With a dental plan, you must use plan network dentists for all savings.

However, there are no waits required for any savings, there are no forms to file, and you enjoy unlimited use of the plan.

Added Bonus...

Vision and Rx discount cards are included at no additional charge.

Here, U.S. military veterans receive $10 off the regular plan processing fee.

Step 1. See Savings   Step 2. Look-up Dentists   Step 3. Join Today  &  Start Fast

A discount dental plan, not dental insurance.